As the cold weather seems to only get colder, it’s important for pilots and aircraft maintenance crews to remember one thing: a frozen plane is a plane that doesn’t fly. Aviation is based on the principles of aerodynamics; air flows over and under the wings and lifts the aircraft up. However, the airfoil is a finicky thing, the slightest change to the airfoil means that not enough lift is created, and the aircraft is no longer flying. So, when it’s below freezing and it only takes a matter of minutes for snow and ice to build up, the only thing that pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel can turn to is chemical de-icing.

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One of the best ways to make sure that your aircraft is in tiptop shape is thorough maintenance. Aircraft maintenance involves not only checking the status of mechanical and electrical components but also cleaning and corrosion control. These important maintenance tasks are vital to the longevity of the aircraft. As if corrosion is left untreated, it can develop into a problem that renders the aircraft inoperable and major safety risk.

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Boeing, an aircraft manufacturing company known throughout the world for the iconic 747 and 777, and was originally founded in Seattle, Washington in July of 1916. Boeing was founded by a man named William Boeing. William, who was studying at Yale during the time, used the knowledge he acquired in the timber industry and applied it to the design of an aircraft. In the past 102 years, Boeing has grown more than the world could have ever imagined. Their designs have become revolutionary, changing the field of aerospace and aviation.

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