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Cogent Purchasing has built an impressive inventory of parts that supplied from multiple manufacturers. One such manufacturer is Panreac Quimica Sa whose parts include 131339.1211, 131365.1210, 131368, 131431.1608, 131493. Type wise these Panreac Quimica Sa parts are Rojo De Cresol Rea, N Pentano Reactivo, Barium Diphenylamine Sulfonatereagent, Tolueno Reactivo, Acetona Acs and corresponding NSNs are 6810332015949, 6810332111339, 6810332054483, 6810332111349, 6810331899966. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Cogent Purchasing upholds a strong commitment to supply quality components to our customers. We are proud members of the ASA and are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited. Our shipping and supply chain is one of the most efficient in the industry. We have locations across United state to help us ship your parts as soon as possible. We can accommodate any time constraints - including AOG. Submit an RFQ today for Panreac Quimica Sa to get started.

CAGE Code : 7309B

Part No NSN Item Name Quantity RFQ
121613.1605 6810-33-201-5949 rojo de cresol rea Avl RFQ
122006.1612 6810-33-211-1339 n pentano reactivo Avl RFQ
122353 6810-33-205-4483 barium diphenylamine sulfonatereagent Avl RFQ
124860.1611 6810-33-211-1349 tolueno reactivo Avl RFQ
131007R14 6810-33-189-9966 acetona acs Avl RFQ
131008 6810-33-205-4494 acetic acidglacialreagent Avl RFQ
131008R14 6810-33-000-7081 acetic acidglacialacs Avl RFQ
131020.1611 6810-33-004-7386 hydrochloric acidacs Avl RFQ
131032.1211 6810-33-004-7387 phosphoric acidreagent Avl RFQ
131037.1611 6810-33-004-7388 nitrico acidoacs Avl RFQ
131041 6810-33-190-7159 oxalic aciddihydrateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131050.1608 6810-33-004-7389 pyrogallolanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131066.1210 6810-33-004-7390 acido tartarico ac Avl RFQ
131085.1611 6810-33-000-7089 ethyl alcohol acs Avl RFQ
131086R14 6810-33-000-7082 ethyl alcoholabsoluteacs Avl RFQ
131086R140 6810-33-004-7391 ethyl alcoholabsolutereagent Avl RFQ
131089.1611 6810-33-004-7392 isobutyl alcoholacs Avl RFQ
131090.1611 6810-33-211-1351 isopropyl alcoholacs Avl RFQ
131091.1611 6810-33-000-7095 methanol acs Avl RFQ
131091R16 6810-33-190-0636 metanol acs Avl RFQ
131103R14 6810-33-000-7083 aluminum potassium sulfatedodecahydrateacs Avl RFQ
131121.1210 6810-33-004-7393 ammonium chlorideacs Avl RFQ
131129.14 6810-33-003-2777 ammonium hydroxideacs Avl RFQ
131129R140 6810-33-004-7394 ammonium hydroxideacs Avl RFQ
131173.1606 6810-33-201-5951 azul de timol acs Avl RFQ
131192.1611 6810-33-000-7092 benzene acs Avl RFQ
131244R14 6810-33-000-7087 carbon disulfideacs Avl RFQ
131252.1612 6810-33-211-1348 chloroformanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131252R14 6810-33-190-0635 cloroformoacs Avl RFQ
131270.13 6810-33-205-2166 cupric sulfatepentahydratetechnical Avl RFQ
131295.1208 6810-33-201-5952 dimethylglyoximeacs Avl RFQ
131315.1612 6810-33-003-2776 petroleum etheracs Avl RFQ
131322.1610 6810-33-004-7395 fenol acs Avl RFQ
131325.1208 6810-33-201-5953 fenolftaleina acs Avl RFQ
131328.1211 6810-33-004-7396 formaldehyde solutionacs Avl RFQ
131339.1211 6810-33-004-7397 glicerol acs Avl RFQ
131365.1210 6810-33-004-7398 ammonium ferrisulfatedodecahydrate analyzed reagen Avl RFQ
131368 6810-33-190-7161 ferrous ammonium sulfatehexahydrateacs Avl RFQ
131431.1608 6810-33-201-5954 naranja de metilo Avl RFQ
131493 6810-33-002-4585 potassium chlorateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131497R130 6810-33-004-7399 potassium chromateacs Avl RFQ
131500.1211 6810-33-002-4584 potassium dichromateacs Avl RFQ
131505R130 6810-33-004-7400 potassium ferricyanidetrihydrateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131509.1211 6810-33-002-4583 potassium phosphatemonobasicreagent Avl RFQ
131512 6810-33-002-4582 potassium phosphatedibasicanhydrousreagent Avl RFQ
131515.1210 6810-33-211-1346 potassium hydroxidereagent Avl RFQ
131515R140 6810-33-004-7401 potassium hydroxideacs Avl RFQ
131524.1211 6810-33-003-2784 potassium nitratereagent Avl RFQ
131526 6810-33-205-4482 potassium oxalateacs Avl RFQ
131617.1606 6810-33-201-5955 rojo metilo acs Avl RFQ
131633.1211 6810-33-003-2766 sodium acetateanhydroustechnical Avl RFQ
131638.1210 6810-33-004-7402 sodium bicarbonateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131659.1210 6810-33-004-7403 sodium chlorideacs Avl RFQ
131659.1211 6810-33-190-1119 sodium chlorideacs Avl RFQ
131687.1211 6810-33-004-7404 sodium hydroxideacs Avl RFQ
131687.1214 6810-33-002-4579 sodium hydroxideacs Avl RFQ
131698R13 6810-33-190-0637 sodium metabisulfiteacs Avl RFQ
131739.1604 6810-33-201-5956 timolftaleina acs Avl RFQ
131745.1611 6810-33-211-1343 tolueno reactivo Avl RFQ
131749R14 6810-33-000-7090 trichloroethyleneacs Avl RFQ
131754 6810-33-205-4484 urea reactivo Avl RFQ
131769.1611 6810-33-211-1344 xileno reactivo Avl RFQ
131769R140 6810-33-190-1102 xyleneanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131775R130 6810-33-004-7405 zinc acetatedihydrateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131779R130 6810-33-004-7406 cloruro de cinc ac Avl RFQ
131828.1608 6810-33-004-7407 difenilamina acs Avl RFQ
131881.1611 6810-33-000-7080 acetonitrile acs Avl RFQ
131884.1611 6810-33-004-7409 n amyl alcoholanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
131955R140 6810-33-004-7410 o toluidineanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
132063.1612 6810-33-211-1345 n hexano reactivo Avl RFQ
132064.1611 6810-33-002-4580 iso octanereagent Avl RFQ
132295R070 6810-33-004-7411 benzidineanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
132320.1608 6810-33-190-0638 periodic aciddihydratereagent Avl RFQ
141007.1611 6810-33-000-7085 acetone reagent Avl RFQ
141008.1611 6810-33-004-7412 acetic acidglacialreagent Avl RFQ
141015R140 6810-33-190-1105 acido boricoreacti Avl RFQ
141032R140 6810-33-004-7413 phosphoric acidreagent Avl RFQ
141036.1611 6810-33-004-7414 acido nitrico reac Avl RFQ
141050.1608 6810-33-004-7415 pirogalol reactivo Avl RFQ
141058.1214 6810-33-002-4574 acido sulfurico ac Avl RFQ
141058.1611 6810-33-004-7416 sulfuric acidreagent Avl RFQ
141066.1211 6810-33-004-7417 tartaric acidreagent Avl RFQ
141076R140 6810-33-004-7418 hydrogen peroxidereagent Avl RFQ
141077.1211 6810-33-004-7419 hydrogen peroxidereagent Avl RFQ
141085.18 6810-33-003-2775 alcohol etilico ac Avl RFQ
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