Keeping Things Smooth: Aircraft Engine Lubrication

Lubrication is a critical part of maintaining a piston engine’s health, be it in an automobile or an aircraft. Lubricants, as their name implies, reduce the friction and wear between moving parts. They do much more than just that, however; lubricants in aircraft engines also clean, cool, and seal the parts they work with, as well as help prevent corrosion and rust in the engine.

Rust and corrosion prevention are especially important in aircraft that see infrequent use, as their frequent downtime leaves them more vulnerable to degradation. Good lubricants can, therefore, go a long way in preventing rust or corrosion from occurring.

Another key task that lubricants perform is cleaning. While cleaning normally means removing sludge, varnishes, and grunge accumulations, it also means cleaning the ring belt area, which maintains control of the combustion process. When rings are able to move freely, the engine operates better, produces less blow-by, and consumes less oil. A dirty ring belt, however, restrains the movement of the rings within the grooves, and prevents them from sealing. This can create pressure between the ring face and the cylinder wall, leading to wear, scarring, or scuffing.

Oil lubricants also help with the cooling process. By serving as a heat-transfer medium that flows through the crankcase and the oil coolers, it dissipates the heat from moving parts, thus cooling the ending bearings and piston rings.

Lubricant oils also provide a seal between the rings and cylinder walls, as well as the gasketed areas and the rubber or synthetic seals of the crankshaft. When oil washes around those areas, it helps retain a seal between them.

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