Regarding PCB connectors, there have been many reports on their effects on mechanical and data bus interfaces, specifically on MIL-STD-1553B PCB connectors for aviation applications that offer fast network and solid execution in outrageous conditions and situations. The new press fit PCB connectors offer users a vigorous electrical and mechanical association between the connector and the PCB that can help withstand mechanical maltreatment, for example, stun and vibration. For a brief but detailed look on these effects, read the article below.

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In aircraft or any other high-powered machine, power control is a key component of safe operation. In any electric motor, faults such as short circuits, overvoltage, and power surges can occur. The effects of these faults can be anywhere from minor to detrimental, making it critical for motors to be protected. This blog will explain the way motor starters and how they prevent electrical complications.

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Without electronic fuses, high electrical currents passing through a wire can lead to heat, melting, or burning. This melt can cause a break in the circuit and stop the flow of a circuit, leading to dangerous repercussions. To protect against this, fuses have become an essential piece of safety equipment in electrical wiring since the early years of electricity. Circuit breakers and fuse blocks also help in protecting against high currents that lead to wire troubles. Companies like Optifuse offer a great alternative to overpriced fuse parts and equipment by cross-referencing major fuse manufacturers like Littelfuse and Bussman, to offer industry standard fuses and fuse clip parts at a fraction of the cost.

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When connecting wires, one may think of the most rudimentary and basic method; a technique involving stripping the insulation and then twisting the wires together. While this does indeed work to create an electrical connection, it may not be the most optimal, and sometimes not very safe. This also does not allow for the connection of multiple wires, ability to create different configurations, or make for easy changes as needed. Luckily, all of these issues can be done much easier and efficiently through the use of a terminal block.

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