Types of Fuses and Fuse Accessories by Optifuse

Without electronic fuses, high electrical currents passing through a wire can lead to heat, melting, or burning. This melt can cause a break in the circuit and stop the flow of a circuit, leading to dangerous repercussions. To protect against this, fuses have become an essential piece of safety equipment in electrical wiring since the early years of electricity. Circuit breakers and fuse blocks also help in protecting against high currents that lead to wire troubles. Companies like Optifuse offer a great alternative to overpriced fuse parts and equipment by cross-referencing major fuse manufacturers like Littelfuse and Bussman, to offer industry standard fuses and fuse clip parts at a fraction of the cost.

The most popular types of fuses offered by Optifuse are automotive fuses and more specifically the blade fuse. As stated above, these fuses safeguard and ensure proper circuit wiring and electrical protection. Fuse blocks are another commonly used fuse product for automotive applications; these blocks are essential in protecting and consolidating blocks of fuses to keep automotive wiring systems safe and functioning properly. Industrial fuses are utilized on motors and branch circuits that deal with higher amps or volt ratings.

Wire regulations define a maximum fuse current rate for particular circuits in volts and these standards are maintained by industrial fuses. Well known in a residential setting is another form of common electrical protection, the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers protect against over-currents and help prevent electrical fires when a device has short circuited. These breakers automatically switch off electrical currents offering an important form of protection when over currents occur.

Pre-assembled fuse kits are available that are filled with the common types of fuses for most common application purposes. These are a great option to quickly order and fix burnt out fuses or freshly install multiple fuses at once. In conclusion, fuse holders and accessories like the fuse clip can help save space and ensure tight enclosure between the clip and actual fuse and should be considered as an extra layer of protection. 

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