What Are Terminal Blocks

When connecting wires, one may think of the most rudimentary and basic method; a technique involving stripping the insulation and then twisting the wires together. While this does indeed work to create an electrical connection, it may not be the most optimal, and sometimes not very safe. This also does not allow for the connection of multiple wires, ability to create different configurations, or make for easy changes as needed. Luckily, all of these issues can be done much easier and efficiently through the use of a terminal block.

 A terminal block is a component that provides for an electrical connection of two or more wires. In their most simple configurations, they consist of some sort of frame, a component to secure the wires, and a conducting block or strip for the electrical connection of the wires. Terminal blocks enable motion and automation control systems to work, and can be seen in many commonplace appliances and electronics including ovens, dryers, and alarm systems. While basic terminal blocks serve use for electrical connections, they can also enable input/output, motor connections, power distribution, and other functions.

The distinction between various terminal blocks can often be denoted by how the connection between wires is established. Screw-in blocks are the most common, and feature a wire that is held against a conducting plate with the use of a screw. Spring loaded types are similar, through their clamping force is achieved through the force of the installed spring. There are also push in types where the wire can be placed inside the terminal block’s hole, as well as insulation-displacement types. Other notable differences that separate terminal blocks from each other include number of allowed connections, current ratings, voltage ratings, or the size of the terminal block as a whole.

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February 1, 2022

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