Different Types of Calibration Gas Mixtures Used in Industries

Calibration gasses are a vital part of society. They are often used as comparative mixtures as they make it possible for analytical instruments to read measurements with increased accuracy. However, several factors must be aligned for a mixture to qualify for calibration. Since many wonder how these mixtures differ, this blog will outline different types of calibration gasses.

A calibration gas, or calibration gas mixture, is typically a compressed mixture of gasses or gaseous components. They are regularly utilized as comparison standards in the calibration of many instruments. Calibration gasses ensure that instruments like gas analyzers or gas detectors read correctly. It is important to note that the gas must be traceable to a national or international standard to be considered accurate for calibration.

Generally, calibration gasses are divided into two categories: zero-calibration and span calibration. Zero-calibration gasses are mixtures that contain no flammable gasses and find use when gas detection or gas analyzers are calibrated with an analyte gas structure that the detector will not respond to. Span calibration gasses, on the other hand, are more advanced due to the concentration of detectable gas that is composed and used for a gas detector or analyzer.

Volumetric Gas Mixtures

If you want to know what the different types of calibration gasses are, then looking at the types of gas mixtures is paramount, since that is exactly what calibration gasses are. A volumetric gas mixture is created by using a pressure gauge to determine how much of each gaseous component has been added. In a volumetric mixture, each gas occupies a certain amount of space, known as a unit, at a given pressure and temperature. Each of the gasses in this kind of mixture have the ability to contract and expand at varying rates based on the pressure and temperature, meaning that the mixture ratios can change depending on the environment.

The volumetric certification is only accurate if the mixture meets the certificate’s specified temperature and pressure. If the mixture is going to be used outside of these conditions, the overall composition of the mixture will change and a compressibility correction will be needed to ensure accurate use.

Gravimetric Gas Mixtures

This type of gas mixture is created by weighing each of the mixture’s gaseous components utilizing accurate balances. This is accomplished with mole and mass fractions, which are independent of pressure and temperature. Keep in mind that the mixture’s accuracy is determined by the accuracy of the balances.

The purity of raw materials is the one factor that regularly requires correction in a gravimetric gas mixture, that of which is usually handled by the manufacturer. Furthermore, it acquires traceability by getting the mass through calibrated mass pieces, which calibration gas suppliers also utilize to manufacture top-quality calibration gas mixtures.


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