What Are the Different Types of Threaded Fastener Bolts?

Presently, the United States has been using 300 billion-plus threaded fasteners annually. These fasteners are proven to be a great help for commercial construction, complex manufacturing, or even fixing bookshelves at home. Many threaded fasteners are available in the market, but it is essential to understand fasteners and their types before choosing one for your applications.

What Are Threaded Fasteners?

Threaded fasteners are components identified by the presence of internal or external screw threads that have the essential function of holding objects together in place. Threaded fasteners are a popular choice to join components together when compared to other options such as welding and brazing. They are considered the best non-permanent and vital solutions that can be installed and removed quickly without harming the equipment.

Common Types of Threaded Fasteners

Almost all fasteners are made of stainless steel or carbon steel, and other fasteners may be produced from copper, aluminum, or bronze. There are mainly three types of threaded fasteners commonly used, those of which are nuts, screws, and bolts.


Nuts are the types of threaded fasteners that are available in either circular or hex shape metals. To attach components together, nuts are used with bolts. Some of the common types of nuts are dome nuts, hex nuts, hex finish nuts, hex jam nuts, heavy hex nuts, and serrated flange nuts.


Screws are used to attach or combine two components by twisting the threaded point into the material. One can use a drill machine or a screwdriver to install the screw lock into other materials. The most common screws are wood screws, masonry screws, sheet metal screws, lag screws, and machine screws.


Lastly, bolts are the most important type of threaded fasteners. Bolts work successfully with a nut to hold two objects in place. In order to make a connection with a nut, bolts pass through the material. Some of the common types of bolts are carriage bolts, hex bolts, stove bolts, and machine bolts.

Different types of Bolts

As stated before, there is a wide variety of bolts available, some of the most common types of bolts are:

Special-Purpose Bolts

Special-purpose bolts are usually designed for a specific use or an application. These bolts generally include clevis bolts, eyebolts, Jo-bolts, and lockbolts.

Clevis Bolts

These special-purpose bolts have a round head and are slotted or recessed to receive a common screwdriver or a crosspoint screwdriver. Such bolts are used where there is an excessive load or in a control system as a mechanical pin.


Eye bolts are generally built to attach devices like a clevis or a cable shackle. In addition, such bolts are used where there is an external load to apply.


The jo-bolt consists of three parts: a threaded steel alloy bolt, a threaded steel nut, and an expandable stainless steel sleeve, which are preassembled in a factory. A jo-bolt is a trading name for a three-piece rivet. These bolts are used in areas that are not subjected to constant part replacing or servicing. In addition, these bolts are easy to install and provide weight savings.


Lockbolts are similar to standard bolts in weight and strength, and they are used to fasten two components permanently. These are manufactured in accordance with military standards. Being permanent fasteners, these lockbolts are hard to remove, making them less easy to use as compared to standard bolt and nut assemblies. Lockbolts have the combined features of a bolt and rivet but have more advantages than both. These are easy to install and have a rigid and permanent lock to fasten two components. Furthermore, there are three types of lockbolts: pull-type, stump type, and blind type.


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