Six Things You Didn’t Know About Boeing

Boeing, an aircraft manufacturing company known throughout the world for the iconic 747 and 777, and was originally founded in Seattle, Washington in July of 1916. Boeing was founded by a man named William Boeing. William, who was studying at Yale during the time, used the knowledge he acquired in the timber industry and applied it to the design of an aircraft. In the past 102 years, Boeing has grown more than the world could have ever imagined. Their designs have become revolutionary, changing the field of aerospace and aviation.

Boeing is now considered the largest aerospace company in the entire world. The company brings in an annual revenue of over $93.39 billion dollars and has the world’s largest manufacturing building. The factory is in Everett, Washington and spans a massive 98.7 acres! Although Boeing is known for producing aircraft and aircraft components they also manufacture rockets, satellites, and missiles. Over the years, Boeing has made an extraordinary impact in the world of avionics. From designing the first plane that completed a flight around the world, to items designed for modern day space travel, Boeing has done it all.

Boeing’s aerospace products are some of the most widely used and most reliable products on the market. Boeings aerospace products are used and trusted by major airlines and militaries across the globe. It is safe to say that without Boeing and the evolution of the company, the world of avionics would not come close to what it is today. Boeing continuously strives for greatness and they continuously exceed expectations.

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