The Conical Spring and Its Functions

Compression spring components are useful for a wide variety of systems and applications, serving to store mechanical energy when compressed. This means that as such springs are compressed through the application of a load, they will become shorter. This causes a significant potential force as the compression spring will attempt to return to its standard shape and state upon the load being removed. As compression springs can be reused many times, they are quite useful for actuators, moving systems, and other such applications. Based on the particular needs of an application, there are many types of compression springs one may choose, and it is important to make the right choice when choosing between options as not all compression springs function the same. In this blog, we will discuss conical springs in particular, those of which feature a unique shape that offers specific properties not found in other standard options.

With a typical compression spring, the diameter of the component will generally be uniform from top to bottom. However, this is not the case with conical springs, as their diameter will increase gradually toward the bottom, establishing what could be described as a cone. This shape is very important and distinct, as it allows for each coil to snugly fit between the cone underneath it, allowing for a nesting property where the spring can be compressed to a very minimal height where there is no telescoping effect faced. While all compression spring options are designed to have their height reduced under compression, the nesting quality of the conical spring allows for it to have much better lateral stability as tensile loads are more optimally distributed. This has the benefit of decreasing the chance of buckling, as well as ensuring a uniform pitch to reduce vibration.

Conical springs are not considered linear, so if your application or assembly cannot utilize a linear spring, then a conical spring may be the right choice for your needs. The reason that it is not linear is due to its cone-shape, that of which leads to having varying levels of spring deflection as the diameter of the rings increases. With variability, the conical spring is defined as a non-linear component.

With these basic properties and capabilities, there are a number of devices, systems, and applications that can take advantage of conical springs for their benefit. For instance, any time an application or assembly has restrictive height limitations or where buckling is a major concern, the conical spring may be the absolute best choice. One major example of conical spring use is in the firing mechanisms of many types of weaponry, the conical shape making operations much more reliable. Additionally, automobiles regularly implement conical springs within their suspension systems to ensure loads are not as damaging while avoiding the risks associated with buckling. As a last example, buttons, electronics, and various industrial applications also utilize conical springs for achieving reliability.

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September 28, 2021
April 27, 2021

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