What Is a Jump Wire

Commonly referred to as a jumper cable, jumper wire, or jumper, jump wires are a type of electrical wiring or cabling used for interconnecting separate electrical components. Constructed with connector pins or “end connectors” at the end of each wire, jump wires utilize these parts to facilitate the connection between two points without the need for soldering. Available in a myriad of connector types to suit various electrical connections, jump wires can often be found as solid tip, crocodile clip, banana connector, registered jack, RCA connector, RF connector, and RF jumper cable types. For the best connection between the components of a breadboard, circuit board, equipment, and various other components, jump wires provide diverse solutions to electrical devices with flexibility.

Alongside a jump wire’s method of connection, such components are also available in three separate versions, including: male-to-male, male-to-female, and female-to-female specifications. Varying from each end point of a wire, male end connectors come included with a protruding pin for secure application when plugged into a device, while female ends, in comparison, are devoid of such pins and cannot be used to plug into an apparatus. Though male and female jumper connections are important for their individual applications, male-to-male components are regularly chosen in lieu of female parts as female components are often only applied to connect to standard header pins.

When discerning which jump cable is best for a particular device, one should take into consideration the multiple jump wire end connectors available and how they can be applied to ensure a proper connection is always achieved. A popular choice when working with breadboards, solid tip jump wires can be used to make connections on, or with, a circuit board, as well as be connected to a female header connector when extension is needed. An easily recognizable jump wire equipped with clamping teeth, crocodile clips are recommended as a temporary solution when bridging a connection between two arbitrary meeting points is necessary, i.e., jumper cables used to power another car's battery or cabling that bridges the gap between separate sensors. However, when a connection needs to only provide support for test equipment transferring DC and low-frequency AC signals, banana connectors are an optimal choice.

In regard to jump wires like registered jacks, RCA connectors, RF connectors, and RF jumper cables, such parts are used as differing forms of telecommunication network interfaces. Employed for transferring radio frequencies, parts like RF connectors can be used for circuits, test equipment, and antennas, while RF jumper cables are able to bridge the gap between network cabling, antennas, and all applicable components in need of the same connection. Meanwhile, RCA connectors are better suited for transferring audio signals, low-resolution composite video signals, or low-frequency applications, leaving jumpers like registered jacks on reservation for telephone and computer networking.

Implemented to aid in transferring a signal across two devices, a jump wire installed for the wrong application can render a signal in need of transfer null. At Cogent Purchasing, it is important for us to ensure you receive compatible cabling and wiring for all of your intended applications. As your trusted supplier of various jumpers and their connector parts, we invite you to browse our inventory for numerous ,connector pins , jumper wire kits, insulated wires, and more. Due to our quality control and export compliance, we operate with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certification and accreditation. If you would like to request a quote for your comparisons, you can submit an RFQ form as provided on our website. Upon receipt, a dedicated account manager will quickly review and respond with a personalized solution to your needs in just 15 minutes or less, 24/7x365.


April 27, 2021

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