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Cogent Purchasing has built an impressive inventory of parts that supplied from multiple manufacturers. One such manufacturer is Anachemia Canada Inc (CAGE Code 36842) whose parts include AC-368, AC-368, AC-3693, AC-370, AC-370. Type wise these Anachemia Canada Inc parts are Sodium Formateanalyzed Reagent, Benzotriazolereagent, Gum Ghattitechnical, Oo Biphenolreagen, Acetic Acidglacialacs and corresponding NSNs are 6810218655002, 6810218666361, 6810218650815, 6810218663417, 6810218644866. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Cogent Purchasing upholds a strong commitment to supply quality components to our customers. We are proud members of the ASA and are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited. Our shipping and supply chain is one of the most efficient in the industry. We have locations across United state to help us ship your parts as soon as possible. We can accommodate any time constraints - including AOG. Submit an RFQ today for Anachemia Canada Inc to get started.

CAGE Code : 36842

Part No NSN Item Name Quantity RFQ
30142 6810-21-865-5002 sodium formateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-1074 6810-21-866-6361 benzotriazolereagent Avl RFQ
AC-1190 6810-21-865-0815 gum ghattitechnical Avl RFQ
AC-1203 6810-21-866-3417 oo biphenolreagen Avl RFQ
AC-135 6810-21-864-4866 acetic acidglacialacs Avl RFQ
AC-135 6810-21-864-4942 acetic acidglacialacs Avl RFQ
AC-1380 6810-21-865-2834 1 bromobutanereage Avl RFQ
AC-140 6810-21-864-4867 acetic anhydrideacs Avl RFQ
AC-1433 6810-21-865-0915 methyl cellulosere Avl RFQ
AC-150 6810-21-862-9300 acetonereagent Avl RFQ
AC-150 6810-21-862-9299 acetonereagent Avl RFQ
AC-151 6810-21-845-1650 acetoneacs Avl RFQ
AC-158 6810-21-864-0890 acetonitrilereagent Avl RFQ
AC-158 6810-21-863-1741 acetonitrilereagent Avl RFQ
AC-1668 6810-21-862-9628 butyl alcoholacs Avl RFQ
AC-1736 6810-21-865-2849 n butyl etherreagent Avl RFQ
AC-1808 6810-21-865-2744 sodium arsenatedibasicheptahydrateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-1940 6810-21-865-2858 calcium carbonateacs Avl RFQ
AC-2038D 6810-21-865-3107 n caproictechnical Avl RFQ
AC-2081 6810-21-865-5030 starchpotatoreagent Avl RFQ
AC-2151 6810-21-865-4001 charcoalactivatedtechnical Avl RFQ
AC-2154 6810-21-864-0894 charcoalactivatedtechnical Avl RFQ
AC-2156 6810-21-862-8168 charcoalactivatedtechnical Avl RFQ
AC-2162 6810-21-862-8171 charcoalactivatedtechnical Avl RFQ
AC-2377P 6810-21-904-7818 o chlorophenolanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-2474 6810-21-870-4364 chromiumreagent Avl RFQ
AC-2490 6810-21-862-9094 chromium trioxideacs Avl RFQ
AC-2655 6810-21-864-4622 cupric carbonatebasicanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-2685 6810-21-862-8176 cuprous chlorideacs Avl RFQ
AC-2717 6810-21-886-4235 cyclohexaneacs Avl RFQ
AC-2996 6810-21-904-7821 ethylene dibromidereagent Avl RFQ
AC-3122T 6810-21-865-4045 o dichlorobenzenetechnical Avl RFQ
AC-3290 6810-21-865-4010 diethylaminereagent Avl RFQ
AC-3544 6810-21-865-1025 p dimethylaminobenzaldehydereagent Avl RFQ
AC-368 6810-21-862-8279 aluminum chloridehexahydratereagent Avl RFQ
AC-368 6810-21-862-8277 aluminum chloridehexahydratereagent Avl RFQ
AC-368 6810-21-864-4885 aluminum chloridehexahydrateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-3693 6810-21-865-4026 dimethyl sulfatereagent Avl RFQ
AC-370 6810-21-862-8275 aluminum chlorideanhydrousacs Avl RFQ
AC-370 6810-21-864-4884 aluminum chlorideanhydrousanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-3758 6810-21-865-3612 24 dinitrophenylhydrazinereagent Avl RFQ
AC-3772 6810-21-865-3862 p dioxanereagent Avl RFQ
AC-3772 6810-21-886-4268 p dioxanereagent Avl RFQ
AC-3810 6810-21-866-6232 15 diphenylcarbohydrazideanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-3915 6810-21-862-7939 dithizoneacs Avl RFQ
AC-4045 6810-21-865-5899 ethyl etheranhydrousacs Avl RFQ
AC-4045 6810-21-864-4961 ethyl etheranhydrousacs Avl RFQ
AC-4045 6810-21-864-0900 ethyl etheranhydrousacs Avl RFQ
AC-405 6810-21-862-8285 aluminum sulfateoctadecahydratereagent Avl RFQ
AC-4136 6810-21-865-4034 ethyl bromoacetate Avl RFQ
AC-4180 6810-21-865-4057 ethyl cinnamaterea Avl RFQ
AC-425 6810-21-864-4921 glycineanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-4468 6810-21-862-7940 ferric ammonium sulfateacs Avl RFQ
AC-4468 6810-21-862-8181 ferric ammonium sulfateacs Avl RFQ
AC-4470 6810-21-862-9336 ferric chloridehexahydrateanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-4523 6810-21-903-0576 fluorescein sodiumtechnical Avl RFQ
AC-4554 6810-21-114-6238 formaldehyde solutionacs Avl RFQ
AC-4572 6810-21-865-4302 fullers earth Avl RFQ
AC-4582 6810-21-865-4305 furfuraltechnical Avl RFQ
AC-4608 6810-21-864-3395 gallic acidreagent Avl RFQ
AC-4608 6810-21-864-3394 gallic acidreagent Avl RFQ
AC-4650 6810-21-865-0802 gluconic acidreage Avl RFQ
AC-470 6810-21-866-6224 2 aminoethanolreag Avl RFQ
AC-4752 6810-21-865-0816 gum guaiacreagent Avl RFQ
AC-4788 6810-21-886-4407 n heptanereagent Avl RFQ
AC-4858 6810-21-863-2768 n hexanereagent Avl RFQ
AC-4858 6810-21-862-8359 n hexanereagent Avl RFQ
AC-4925 6810-21-865-5196 hydrazine anhydrous Avl RFQ
AC-4925 6810-21-865-5197 hydrazine anhydrous Avl RFQ
AC-4945 6810-21-865-0829 hydriodic acidanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-4950 6810-21-865-5155 hydrobromic acidanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-4955PG 6810-21-904-7673 hydrochloric acidacs Avl RFQ
AC-4990T 6810-21-907-7236 hydrogen peroxidetechnical Avl RFQ
AC-4996 6810-21-866-5625 NA Avl RFQ
AC-505 6810-21-864-4890 aluminum oxidemono Avl RFQ
AC-5050 6810-21-866-5956 8 hydroxy 7 iodo 5 quinolinesulfonic acidreagent Avl RFQ
AC-5075P 6810-21-865-0837 3 hydroxy 2 naphthoic acidtechnical Avl RFQ
AC-5228 6810-21-865-0850 iodomethanereagent Avl RFQ
AC-5255 6810-21-865-0853 ironanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
AC-5257 6810-21-886-4428 ironreagent Avl RFQ
AC-5261 6810-21-865-0854 ironreagent Avl RFQ
AC-5270 6810-21-865-0855 insatinreagent Avl RFQ
AC-5282 6810-21-865-2594 isoquinolinereagen Avl RFQ
AC-530 6810-21-870-4504 1 amino 2 naphthol 4 sulfonic acidreagent Avl RFQ
AC-5325 6810-21-865-0856 lactic acidanalyzed reagent Avl RFQ
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